Who we are

We are experts for sales, marketing and product management.

In over 30.000 hours of business consulting work, spread over more than 55 projects, we were able to support our customers and bring them significantly forward.

We focus on B2B Sales in the Digital Age:

We know that the societal change in the digital age will influence all customer-relevant processes. In cooperation with you as our customers, we develop ideas and strategies for you to benefit of this transformation within your company. We take your management and your employees along and araise their enthusiasm – not only for the implementation processes.


The company BM-Experts GmbH was founded by Uwe Brüggemann in 2008 in Berlin.

BM-Experts mainly provides consultancy and project management for sales-related projects. Besides our Sales Excellence focus, we concentrate on the growing importance of digital aspects of sales and marketing processes.

BM-Experts is usually called upon by executive board members or supervisory board members, since the issues we focus on concern company-wide processes and subjects.

Key facts

Over 30000 hours in interim management and consultancy.
Company-wide projects with focus on sales, marketing and product management.


  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Clean Tech
  • Utilities
  • Electronics


Our partners for management and technology show a high degree of professionality.

The Team

  • Uwe Brueggemann

    Uwe Brüggemann

    BM-Experts Founder & Managing Director

    In over 20 years of management experience in globally active companies, Uwe Brüggemann laid the basis for the life cycles of many different products and services. To guarantee success in this process, he focused on giving structure to the main organization practices.

    Uwe Brüggemann is an expert for B2B sales and marketing strategy. His strength lays in change management and sharpening the sales focus. During his 12-year-long experience as an interim manager, he regularly initiated digital processes, as well as improved existing systems. Currently he focuses on the digital transformation in the B2B sales process. In this domain, he gives companies new impulse and new ideas for the development of their digital strategy and supports them towards being ready for Sales 2020.

  • Felix Bosse

    Dr. Felix Bosse


  • Cartens

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Hanno Carstens


  • Secile Tardy

    Cécile Hendriks-Tardy

    Project Leader

    Cécile’s international career began in a multinational company, an industry leader in the telecommunication industry. She worked for several years in different countries, mostly as a key account manager for national telecommunication projects. Since then, she acted regularly as an independent consultant, amongst others in the domains of project evaluation and market analysis. Today, she is a BM-Experts team member, where her functions include developing concepts, writing cornerstone content and managing customer projects.

    Cécile speaks German and English fluently, besides French as a native speaker.


Customer statements

… BM-EXPERTS has been supporting us in many customer projects since 2008. In most of them, the focus laid on the improvement of sales processes. Thanks to BM-Experts’ excellent know-how, significant value could be contributed…

Lennart Koch, Managing Director
Taskforce Management on Demand AG

…During my previous assignment as a CEO, BM-EXPERTS provided the decisive support to our management team for the change processes during the introduction of our Sales-Force CRM. I was particularly impressed by the short period of time elapsed from “going live” to active, habitual CRM use through the salespeople. Thanks to this practical implementation, all information available could be used for detailed planning purposes…

Andreas Liebheit, President
Heraeus Photovoltaics (HPI)

… BM-EXPERTS supported our strategy development process. Their facilitation was excellently structured and allowed us to set up a widely embraced strategy plan …

Rajib Pal, Member of the Board

… Thanks to the better configuration and practical use of our existing CRM, we were able to decidedly improve our company-wide forecasting procedures. BM-EXPERTS achieved a significant optimization of our sales and so allowed us to completely make up the substantial gap to our ambitious sales targets.

Udo Zimmer, CRO